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Dear Paul,

Thank you, Paul

I want to bring my company into the future and align around the Vision and Mission of our shareholders and founders. How can we do it sustainably?

Paul is an exceptional executive coach. An insightful listener who has impeccable timing in asking the most relevant and daring questions that leads to breakthrough resolutions. Dr. Francis Gomez, CEO,
New Marketlink Pharmaceuticals Corp.

As I take on new markets and navigate the changes, how can I rally my management team?

Paul coached and facilitated the rebuilding of our strategy and thereby generate growth through clear alignment, purpose, and a transparent dialogue within all levels of the companies. His passion for people and his ability to guide teams through such a process are truly invaluable. Christian Eberle, Former President, PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari (Indonesia) and Metro Drug Inc. (Philippines)

My guys are all home-grown and used to “comfortable ways of doing things.” We are stuck in our old ways, due to our highly regulated business environment. Can we still change our set ways? Is innovation possible?

Paul was instrumental in transforming our management team. With his guidance, we were able to break old habits and create a more agile and creative organization rooted in our core values. Miguel Hernandez, President,
Luzon Cisco Transport

We sense that we have more to give. Our numbers are just OK, but the market is all about growth. We want to be more competitive. Where do we start?

The most important lesson I learned from Coach Paul after more than one year of his engagement with our company, is the primacy and importance of CULTURE - our beliefs, our leadership styles, how we communicate, our mindsets and behaviors - and all the details that make us who we are at a given time. Because of his untiring coaching sessions, mentoring, and alignment activities, and the many tools and models he expertly pulls out of his belt, and his determination and patience, we were made aware of who we are.

As we now navigate our way through the “new normal” from Corporate Restructuring to Digital Transformation to Resetting of Goals, our awareness of our CULTURE greatly impacts our success rate in going about the necessary changes.

I am proud to say that, so far, we have achieved a great deal of success navigating this covid crisis, and have even managed to thrive! Rolando P. Magat, COO, Mega Paint Corporation

How do I level-up even when I’m already performing at par?

My sessions with Coach Paul were invaluable. Using his C-IQ platform, it reinforced my strengths and repurposed my identified weaknesses. After many months, his encouragements and practical steps still reverberates in my mind as I make crucial decisions. I am blessed to have had Coach Paul mentor me. Michael Carlos Abesamis Tan, Entrepreneur

How can we make planning both a team development exercise and at the same time achieve its desired business outcome?

In guiding our annual strategic planning program, Paul’s unique blend of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual character has lead not only to successful outcomes, but also an equally rewarding and exciting planning process. Dr. Francis Gomez, CEO, NMPC

As I transition to my new role, how do I sustain performance and engagement?

Conversational Intelligence was very essential to my leadership transition. I was able to turn adversities into opportunities. I learned to see things from a different perspective, be more attentive to my team, listen to, and value them. Abe San Gabriel, CFO, Dusit Thai (Guam)

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