March 30, 2020

Value of Shared Success

When a team has a clear common view of what success is, there is an intuitive trust that develops. We become confident that the decisions individuals make are for...

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March 29, 2020

Behaviors & Mindsets

What have we learned about ourselves during the community lockdown? Did we develop new habit patterns that are helpful to us and others or have we chosen to act a...

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March 27, 2020

Show up to Uncertainty

In Manila, it is Friday the 13th. To the compliant and cooperative, it is the 13th day of our community quarantine. It seems like the days have become longer and ...

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March 20, 2020

Navigate the Ladder of Conclusions with Emotional Agility

Yesterday’s post was about the Ladder of Conclusions, and my wife Janise asked me: “How does one react when they realize they have succumbed to the vortex of the ...

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March 19, 2020

Ladder of Conclusions

One of my strongest feelings right now is: I am scared shitless to get “it.” Continue reading

March 16, 2020

Our Addiction to Being Right

This addiction is amygdala in action. Our reptilian brain is on high alert, and we see the world from a very I-centric lens. Just remember, when you are on the re...

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